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Here are some quick answers to frequently asked questions before contacting us 😉

I’ve just bought a product, what happens next?

Once the payment is completed we will, manually, send you an email with the link to your new product (this may take up to 12 Hours). Your purchased sound set will be delivered at your paypal email address.

What should I do with the downloaded file?

The downloaded file is a ZIP archive, so first you have to unzip / unpack it. ZIP archives are now natively supported since Windows XP or Mac OSX, but can also be unpacked with StuffIt Expander (Mac and PC, Free version), WinZip (PC only, trial version) or 7Zip.

How can I load or how can I use the Reason Refill packs?

ReFills (.rfl extension) are packs of content for Reason that can include all the things you might need in Reason. REX files, multisamples, synth patches, songs, drum kits, etc. Only Reason Studios Reason can read what is inside a Reason Refill. All you have to do is open Reason and using their Sound browsers search for the directory where you unpacked the Reason Refill you just bought. Double click on it and start using the sounds.

What do you mean by native sounds format?

Many synthesizers use their own file format in order to keep presets or sounds. We call this format as native format. So, if it’s possible we will provide the sounds in native format.

How can I load or how can I use the FXP or FXB files?

The FXP or FXB are useful if you any hosts like Steinberg Cubase, Nuendo, Energy XT, Sonar etc. These are pretty universal and should be recognized by almost all VST host.

How can I load or how can I use the KSD / Kore files?

The KORE sounds have to be imported into KORE 2. First you have to make sure that your VST file is in the VST directory of the KORE 2 workstation. Now import from file menu the KSD sounds. In the sounds manager you can double click on any sounds and it will be loaded and ready to play. I strongly suggest to read the KORE manual on how to setup the VST directory and how to import sounds into KORE.

Can I use the KORE sounds (.ksd files) with the free KORE player?

Unfortunately these sounds CANNOT be imported in the free KORE Player. The reason is the Native Instruments does NOT allow this. However, these sounds can be played only in full KORE Workstation.

Do you also provide you synthesizer presets in SYX format?

If the synthesizer supports SYX format then we will also provide the sounds in this format. Please look on each product page for this information.
For example, the Arturia Prophet V sounds are not provided in SYX format this is because it’s NOT possible for now.

I’ve bought a product, I don’t like it, can I have my money back?

No. Please listen to the audio demo(s), they give a good indication of the sounds contained in each bank. We are not accomplished keyboard players, we are sounds designers. So, when you listen to the demos, please pay attention to the sounds, not the track as whole.

Can I use your loops in commercial projects and releases?

Yes. All our loops, samples and presets are 100% royalty free, once you purchase one of our sound suites you have purchased your lifetime personal license to use those loops & samples in your productions and songs, whether for TV, Film, Advertising, Record releases, Albums or Demo’s. Unlike with other providers, you don’t have to go through samples clearance when you release your music; you have your license already! You can sell these songs for profit at no extra cost to you, and keep 100% of your royalties.

Can I give the products I have bought to my friends?

Please don’t. The license to use the sounds is only for you (the costumer of the product).

Can I resell the product (license to use)?

No. The sounds license is NON transferable. After purchase, the license gives ONLY you the lifetime rights to use sounds. For more info on this, please read the license terms in the ReadMe First.txt that comes with each product.

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