Daft PlastiCZ Sounds

Daft PlastiCZ Sounds

Welcome new digital atmospheres and lo-fi emotive sounds for PlastiCZ

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Daft PlastiCZ Sounds

About Daft PlastiCZ Sounds

Daft PlastiCZ Sounds is a collection of highly original and refreshing digital sounds for reFX PlastiCZ. reFX PlastiCZ is a phase distortion synthesizer, the same type of synthesis found in the renown Casio CZ synth series. With this soundset we did NOT tried to reproduce vintage old sounds, instead we tried to bring to the table fresh digital and modern sounds with a little bit of emotional touch.

Daft PlastiCZ Sounds Features

  • 102 outstanding presets in FXP and FXB format for reFX PlastiCZ;
  • each preset features velocity and modulation wheel information for more control over the sounds;
  • all future minor updates with fixes and new sounds are free.

Daft PlastiCZ Sounds Presets List

Absynth, Acidlising, Almost Canada, Atari Intro, Badass, Bassbits, Basscidd, Bassumm, Beastie Boy, Bees, Bellissim, Benassibass, Benga, Bitum, Bubbles, Byassty, Chillgate, Classic Brass, Classic Gate, Claws, Clubass, Coilsaw, CooLead, Daftbass, Der Lead, DFish, Diatones, Didgeridoos, Dirty Rhodes, DistGBass, Driller, Droneland, Drops, eBassics, eBossum, Elastiad, Elusive, Endless
Endless Waves, Fire X, FlatLogs, Fluidis, Flutish, Gatelia, Gatishpad, Guitar Bass, Harmonium, Highpasspad, Hooverish, In the attic, Introgia, Introtion, Japan, Leadereast, LoFi Pad, LoFi Stab, Logan Strings, Logs, Meenmoog, Mellow, Monk, Nice Piano, Ninja Sword, Orchestral, Organish, Padtonal, Phaser Beam, Pizzicat, Psychosa, Razor Sharp, Romance, Rude Bit, Saw Bass, Sawer
Sawgate, Scizzors, Siren Lead, Space Min, Stingray, Stranio, SuBass, SubbAss, Subtle, Supa Saw, SynthAX, ThreeOThree, Tranzit, TRon FX, Uncontrollable, Vangelised, Vintage, Vintalead, Vintron, Violent Bass, Vocaloid, Vortapad, Water Drops, WGlitch Brass, Wide Chords, Wide Pad, Widegrowl, ZBims







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