Filtamoog Sounds


Filtamoog is a collection of carefully recorded samples from various Moog sources like: Animoog, Filtatron and Minimoog. I tried to capture only original sounds that complement each other and mix very well together. These are carefully mapped for Propellerhead Reason NN19 Sampler and Propellerhead Reason Combinator Module. Listen to the audio demos to have a first impression of the unique sounds coming from the Filtamoog Combinator instrument.

Filtamoog Sounds

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FiltaMoog features

  • 23 one shot textures and 7 multisample samples in 44KHz/16bit format;
  • 64 patches for Propellerhead Reason NN19 sampler;
  • 16 instruments for Propellerhead Reason Combinator Module;
  • each preset features velocity and modulation wheel information for more control over the sounds;
  • all future minor updates with fixes and new sounds are free.

FiltaMoog presets

FiltaMoog NN19 sampler patches: Ambibass, Ambimoog, Analog Punch, Bass Endel, Bassnoizer, Bassquare, Bluber, Bubbles Fx, Chordist, Claw Strings, Distarub, Disturbed, Fatter Text, Feedbass, Filtafat, Filter Cream, Fric Azoids, Fricos Bass, Horrorist, Hunger, Hyperbol, Infast, Infusion, Iouaa, Leftier, Lfo Beast, Loab, Loader, More Bubbles, MottoBass, Mottorext, Mutta Blade, Mutta2, Muttar, Noizer, Realsaw, Realsquare, Reso Moog, Saw, Sawstring, Screamer, Shiftbass, Shifter, Sinebass, Sinestrange, Squarestring, StrangeBass, Stringer, Tectonics, Tensional, Tensobass, Tensolid, The Wobble, Thinsaw, Ventibass, Ventipad, Venus, VenusBass, Vocal Pad, Vocalise, Vox, VoxBass, Voxpad, Waves

Filtamoog Combinator instrument: Analog, Basseq, Bientbass, Bubbles, Creatures, Echos, Freeq, Laboratory, Leftfield, LFOish, Magma, Modularia, Myst, Raw, Resonance, Sineoid

… more samples and patches are on the way.






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