Growling Subtractor Basses

Growling SubTractor Basses

Refresh Reason’s SubTractor synthesizer with earthshaking bass sounds

Now updated to version 1.1 with new presets

Growling SubTractor Basses is a collection of 64 analog, digital, solid, wild, jungle, unstable and usable bass sounds for Reason’s SubTractor Synthesizer. SubTractor is a hugely underrated synthesizer with features like the waveforms oscillators based on samples and the oscillator phase offset. Just check out the basses this little beast is making.

Growling SubTractor Basses Features

  • 64 earthshaking basses for Reason’s SubTractor Synthesizer;
  • each preset features velocity and modulation wheel information for more control over the sounds;
  • all future updates with fixes and new sounds are free.

Growling SubTractor Basses Presets List

BASS Abba, BASS Acid, BASS Ambient, BASS Analog, BASS Beast, BASS Breath, BASS Bubble, BASS Cyclon, BASS DaBoss, BASS Daft, BASS Depeche, BASS Dubstep, BASS Dubtwo, BASS DuoPitch, BASS Eighter, BASS Electrovolt, BASS Energya, BASS FMous, BASS Fretless, BASS Funknoize, BASS Funky, BASS Growly, BASS Hip Hop, BASS House, BASS Inverted, BASS Jungle, BASS Juno, BASS Lately, BASS Maatic, BASS Minimal, BASS MonoReso, BASS Monster, BASS MSShift, BASS New Tech, BASS Noizewave, BASS NUVirus, BASS OB One, BASS OddBall, BASS Organic, BASS OSCar, BASS Phatext, BASS Pimp Car, BASS Pinkton, BASS Plastic, BASS Prodigy, BASS Punch, BASS Raw, BASS SH101, BASS Slow, BASS Smooth, BASS Squadrone, BASS Square, BASS Squelch, BASS SubFM, BASS Subrub, BASS Trance, BASS Triangles, BASS Trio, BASS Tritorsion, BASS Unstable, BASS Violator, BASS Warmth, BASS Wheel, BASS Zenga






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