Loops Salad

Loops Salad is a growing collection of cool audio loops that did not fit in our products, but are of various styles, original and high quality. Loops Salad could really help you with your audio projects.

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Loops Salad features

  • 101 audio loops in 16bit/44.1KHz WAV format;
  • all future updates with fixes and new sounds are free.

Loops Salad loops list

064_Drone, 075_Intro, 080_Phil-Ters, 080_QArp1, 080_QArp2, 084_Cubism, 090_Bump, 090_Hive, 090_Shimmering, 091_Flutter, 094_Basston, 094_Chordnoize, 095_Enigmatic, 095_Fluidic, 097_Spatial, 100_Acidish, 100_Acoustic-3, 100_Beastie-2, 100_DownT, 100_FMishS, 100_ImHappy, 100_Jumps1, 100_Jumps2, 100_Modular, 100_Silkie_C3, 100_Weird, 105_Spooky, 110_Cats, 110_Daft-Funk, 110_DPhill, 110_Snoop, 110_Tester-2, 115_CutSeq, 115_DevilTB-1, 115_DevilTB-2, 115_DevilTB-3, 115_DevilTB-4, 115_GPulls, 115_Melt, 115_Raw, 115_Vintage-SH, 115_Xtreme-1, 115_Xtreme-2, 115_Xtreme-3, 120_8Bit-Drum-4, 120_8BitRythm1, 120_8BitRythm2, 120_Automat1, 120_Automat2, 120_Boomerang, 120_Borg, 120_C64Load1, 120_C64Load2, 120_C64Load3, 120_Drama, 120_Drops, 120_Gated, 120_Guitarish-2, 120_HappyArpeg_C3, 120_HappyArpeg_E3, 120_HappyArpeg_G3, 120_HarshD, 120_Huge, 120_Independent, 120_Plastik, 120_Propeller, 120_PureTB-38_Distorded, 120_Shorts, 120_Squelchy, 120_SThrase, 120_Stringates, 120_Tubular, 120_Ultra, 120_Wasp, 120_XTCid, 121_Crystal-Sky, 121_Texture, 125_Digi, 125_Echo, 125_SIDplay, 127_Guitar-Rock, 130_Ajax-2Bars, 130_Angry-Bass-4, 130_NuSID-1, 130_RAW-Seq, 130_Reso-Funk, 130_Saturated-Fill, 130_Sines-Seq-4, 130_Tech, 130_Trance, 130_Trance-Riff-1, 135_Cold-RV, 135_Crystal-M, 135_Raver, 135_Scats, 138_Psy, 140_Glitcher-1, 140_TransAcid, 150_Throath, 160_808-daBASS-4, 160_Sirena







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