Minimo Combinator Instrument


MINIMO is a Combinator Module instrument built to produce ‘real’ analog distorted sounds inside Reason. I know this is a BIG statement, but I truly believe that the sound of MINIMO is really cool. If you are in need of great analog basses, textures and SFX sounds then MINIMO will help you greatly.
Combinator does what it’s name says, it combines modules to create new instruments. MINIMO consist in 3 Subtractors used as oscillators, one Subtractor used as an oscillator drift (just like in real analog hardware) and a lot of patch wiring that connects in such a way so you can control and drastically modify the overall sound through only few knobs and buttons. Each patch has been designed to give a unique pallet of sounds that can be adjusted easily to what you need.

Minimo Combinator Instrument

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MINIMO Combinator Sounds features

  • 22 analog distorted sounds for Reason’s Combinator Module;
  • each preset features velocity and modulation wheel information for more control over the sounds;
  • all future updates with fixes and new sounds are free.

MINIMO Combinator Sounds presets

MINIMO Analog, MINIMO Auriga, MINIMO Basic, MINIMO Bass, MINIMO Boss, MINIMO Brass, MINIMO Cinema, MINIMO Cleaner, MINIMO Digital, MINIMO Duohell, MINIMO Evolving, MINIMO FM, MINIMO Format, MINIMO Fuzz, MINIMO Jumpie, MINIMO Macki, MINIMO Meyham, MINIMO Modular, MINIMO Reznor, MINIMO Sequnda, MINIMO Shifter, MINIMO Stranie






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