Monolush FabFilter One Sounds

Monolush FabFilter One Sounds

Monolush FabFilter One Sounds

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About Monolush One Sounds

Monolush One Sounds is a collection of carefully designed presets for one of the best mini synthesizers out there, FabFilter One. At first glance FabFilter One might not be impressive, but this mini synthesizer is more than meets the eye. All you have to do is turn on the filter and you’ll get the idea. The FILTER is FABULOUS! The modulation possibilities are remarkable also, making it a really versatile synthesizer capable of creating sharp basses, liquid leads, analog sfx and even lush evolving pads. I couldn’t resist One’s appeal and I have embarked on a quest to squeeze every filter modulations drops and to create a fresh sounds pack for it.

Monolush features

  • 130 outstanding presets in Native format for FabFilter One;
  • each preset features velocity and modulation wheel information for more control over the sounds;
  • all future updates with fixes and new sounds are FREE.

Monolush presets list

DaftFunk, Voxbass, Ogre Bass, Footprint, Dubstep, ThroatBass, Monster, Polysubs, MS20 Bass, MeanBass, SmoothBass, Bassnassi, RawBass, BassFlaw, TriBass, DaftPunk, NoiseBass, SquareBass, SawBass, SubOsc, Warmone, NU808
Resonace BD, SharpTongue, Long Brush, RealPhat, LoFiBD, Phat, ElectroD, Brush, BassD, Chameleon
Bottom Mottor, Future Car, Elastik, UFO, HiTest, CarsFX, Chopper, Childrens, Abyssal, Cyclone, AMRadio, ChipBits, NoiseFX, BeamUp, ChungKuo, NUFX
White FM, LongFM, Delight, Surfin’ Sines, Trumpetist, NiceBells, Fantasya, Warmells, Soft Keys
Synchorus, Dubstep, Smoooooth, Telmo, BirdOfPray, Birdsong, Tycho, Mario, VoxLead, Hoova, ChipFlute, HipHopLead, Digisquare, FMSeflOsc, ChipTrills, TriLead, SquareLead, SawLead, Veloshort, Liquilead, Bocuma, Monophonist, Tremolist
Sawist, AFX, Emotive Gate, The Driller, Bomb Ticking, Noizmatic, Wonders, Below Zero, Falling Psych, Krakatoa, SweepArp, Modular, PumUp
Vintage, Dark Movie, Bubles, PRO5ive, Anachord, Tweerps, 5ThLush, Floating, Zephir, SawTremolo, Classic, TriPad, SquarePad, SawPad, Invertad, PWMpad, IO Pad, VString
Ancestral, Invasions, InToAbyss, Minimalist, Talderine, Radio, Seventhsons, Fifthsons, Endless, Extraterestrial, Ghosts, FutureTexture, Drama

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  2. Ray Avatar

    Nice work here. Hope you sell loads. I love this synth, it sounds great and is easy to use. An article on it that appeared not long ago:

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