Operator FM8 Sounds

Operator FM8 presets

Operator FM8 Sounds

Operator FM8 Sounds brings digital back with refreshing sounds for the king of digital, Native Instruments FM8 synthesizer. Tweaking FM8’s unique features and sequencer to extreme we have created underworld atmospheres, searing leads and modular sequences, that can be useful just about anywhere, sonic wise. Take the plunge into FM8’s digital world.

Operator FM8 Presets demo

Olaru · Operator FM8 Sounds

These sounds are awesome mate! They are so what I have been looking for for the past few years – “liquid lead”, “no horizon”, “soundscapes” … sounds that really are inspiring to me. Thanks for your hard work, I’m officially a Kreativ Sound fan! Peace and Grace!
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Operator FM8 Sounds features

– 36 outstanding presets in KSD format for Native Instruments FM8;
– each preset features the Morph Pad information for more control over the sounds;
– press the ARP button to unleash a special sequence for each sound;
– all future updates with fixes and new sounds are free.






3 responses to “Operator FM8 presets”

  1. Denis Avatar

    I hope you are all well

    I bought your bank “Operator FM8 Sounds”

    but I can not find it in the preset, that you have in the demo with 2.35 minutes.

    he continued until 3.07. there is an amazing seq.
    I bought this bank for that preset .
    please tell me how it ‘s called?


    1. Andrei Olaru Avatar

      Hey Denis …

      I’m not at the desk right now … I will answer in 5-6 hours your question. But have you enable the ARP for each preset? By default the ARP setting is disabled … On a blind guess I think it may be Mono Beast preset, but with ARP enabled 😉

  2. Andrei Olaru Avatar

    Hey Denis,

    I found it … It’s preset the Fat Bass with ARP enabled that you are looking for. Enjoy!


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