Philty Filtatron Sounds

Philty Filtatron Sounds

Weirdly wonderful, dirty and analog sounding presets for Moog’s Filtatron iOS App

Now updated to version 1.1 with more presets

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Philty Filtatron Sounds

About Philty Filtatron Sounds

Philty Filtatron Sounds is a collection of unique presets for Moog’s Filtatron App that can be used as analoguish standalone sounds or as effects for the line input. Filtatron seems to be a software twist on Moog’s legendary moogerfoogers that allows you to use your Apple iPad or iPhone as sounds sculpting tool via the line input or even as a sounds generator via the included sampling section and oscillator. The sounds are just so cool … Just listen to the audio demo!

Philty Filtatron Sounds Features

  • 32 dirty presets for Moog’s Filtatron iOS app;
  • Each preset can be use as a standalone sound generator or it can be used as an effect for the line input;
  • all future updates with fixes and new sounds are free.

Philty Filtatron Sounds Presets List

Accomtar, Achenot, Amorfous, Babas, Bassmurf, Bender, Boyance, Chirps, Circuits, Drone, Drummin, Dubbeat, Editz, Extrems, Feedbak, Gems, Horrorizer, Migrene, Nostalgia, Old Skool, Rainy, Randomi, Scratch, SelfFeed, Speca Talk, Steps, Synthy, Teslas, Texture, Wash, Waves, Wonders

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  1. […] is a collection of carefully recorded samples from various Moog sources like: Animoog, Filtatron and Minimoog. I tried to capture only original sounds that complement each other and mix very well […]

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