Weyv Malstrom Pads


Outworldly pads and strings sounds for Reason’s Malström graintable synthesizer

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Weyv Malstrom Pads

About Weyv Malström Pads

Weyv Malström Pads is a collection of 64+ moving, outworldly, grainy, waving and usable pads and strings sounds for Reason’s Malström Synthesizer. Malström is a unbelievable sounding synthesizer based on grain-table technology and combined with real-time waveform stretching, spectral modulation and the awesome wave-table sweeping. Just check out the pads and strings this green beast is cooking.

Weyv Malström Pads Features

  • 64+ outworldly pads for Reason’s Malström Synthesizer;
  • each preset features velocity and modulation wheel information for more control over the sounds;
  • all future updates with fixes and new sounds are free.

Weyv Malström Pads Presets List

PAD 5Ths, PAD Alpha, PAD Amiga, PAD Analog, PAD Aragon, PAD Armonia, PAD Arpeggio, PAD Blades, PAD Bowed, PAD Breathing, PAD C64, PAD Charming, PAD Cloud, PAD Comb, PAD DCO, PAD Deep, PAD Digreso, PAD Doppler, PAD Droud, PAD Emotions, PAD FMF, PAD Forma
PAD Harmant, PAD Heaven, PAD Hyperbole, PAD Irish, PAD Juno, PAD Jupiter, PAD Leader, PAD Liquid 1, PAD Liquid 2, PAD Liquid 3, PAD Logus, PAD Majestic, PAD Metallic, PAD MKS, PAD Morphing, PAD Moving 1, PAD Moving 2, PAD Mulder, PAD Mystery, PAD Omigo, PAD Orchestral, PAD Organic, PAD Oriental
PAD PVS, PAD PWM, PAD Resonant, PAD Saws, PAD Seashores, PAD Shiny, PAD Sines, PAD Sky, PAD Squareing, PAD Strings, PAD Sunrise, PAD Tenderness, PAD Terranium, PAD Underworld, PAD Vangelis, PAD Vintage, PAD Violins, PAD Warm, PAD Waver, PAD Wonder

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